Pantless judge continues in folly

U.S. Judge Roy Pearson sued a dry-cleaner because they allegedly lost his pants and he wasn't satisfied with the service. He lost, but is now appealing. The most entertaining thing in this whole story is how Mr. Pearson determined the damages:

Claiming that the shop's "satisfaction guaranteed" sign misled customers who, like him, were dissatisfied with their experience, Pearson sought $1,500 for every day that Custom Cleaners displayed the sign over a four-year period, multiplied by the three members of the Chung family, who owned the business.

He also sought $15,000 to rent a car to take his clothes to another cleaner for 10 years.

Clearly he forgot to include
  1. Medical bills for anxiety medication as a consequence of the misplaced pants
  2. $564,000 to buy a house closer to the new cleaners
  3. $35,000 to renovate the kitchen in the new house
  4. $50 for a new DVD player, so he can watch movies, because he can't work, because he has no pants
Thankfully, most people recognize that he's off his rocker and two things have happened that strengthen my flagging faith in humanity: people have donated money for the defense of this suit and the city which employs Mr. Pearson has warned him that his behaviour is unsuitable and they may not continue his employment.

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