Takei-Straight Alliances in Ontario Schools

The Catholic bishops of Ontario are all upset these days because the provincial government is passing a law that forces Catholic schools to allow students to form gay-straight alliances: anti-bullying clubs intended to protect LGBT students. The schools currently may or may not reluctantly allow these clubs (some do, some don't), but they are not allowed to be named Gay-Straight Alliances, or any other name that suggests homosexuality. Even names like "The Rainbow Alliance" and the like have been vetoed by the schools.

I guess George Takei's solution is needed.

But the bishops are all upset because they feel that the government is encroaching on their religious freedoms.  Guess what? "Religious Freedom" is not a blank cheque for discriminating against the population. And these schools are funded by taxpayers. That makes the schools part of the government, and the government is prohibited from this kind of discrimination. The taxpayers largely agree: they voted to keep the current Liberal government in power, in part because of the homophobic nutcases running under the Conservative banner.

The views of the Catholic Church regarding homosexuality are wrong. They are wrong and they are hateful and they are evil. Hopefully, the momentum has shifted in these schools, and the future Catholic leaders will make changes. If they don't, they risk alienating their members, who will leave the church for less hateful pastures, and they risk alienating the taxpayers, who will demand the privatization of the Catholic Schools if they don't get in line with modern values.

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