Cause and Effect

Some people should take courses in logic and formal thinking before making claims. But maybe that's overkill, since these people probably wouldn't apply what they've learned, and instead would continue with their knee-jerk reactions.

Like Dr. Behnaz Yazdanfar, a Toronto-area medical doctor who isn't licensed to perform surgery in any hospital but performs cosmetic surgery out of her private clinic. Recently she was in the news because one of her patients died. Yet she is suing plastic surgeon Dr. Sean Rice for slander, claiming his comments to patients is ruining her business.

Now slander is a problem, one of the few cases where I support limits on free-speech. But you have to wonder why Dr. Yazdanfar is seeing so many patient cancellations. Is it because her competition is telling (new) patients that she's not qualified (she isn't), or because they are telling the patients that certain breast-implant makers won't sell implants to unlicensed practitioners (true)? Or maybe her patients are cancelling because they read in the paper how her patient died? I dunno... seems like a complex issue that requires a lawsuit to straighten out.

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Anonymous said...

I just do not understand why a family doctor thinks she is capable to preform plastic surgery!! She should go back to school and become a plastic surgeon.There is no shortcut the nerve of this woman. I hope the college takes her license away how many deaths need to occur how many complications need to happen I hope the college will stop this woman. What if it were your daughter who died this woman needs to be stopped along with all family doctors preforming plastic surgery!!! The college must regulate it immediately.