Elevator Action

Some people are just too stupid to use elevators.

The other day I was at a mall waiting to use an elevator. It was a long wait because there were several people ahead of me and only one elevator. An elderly couple (the man using a walker) was waiting, along with two mothers, each with a stroller and a bunch of walking kids. Unfortunately the old gentleman hadn't pressed the button (his eyesight must not have been good, he was pressing the keyhole under the button) so we missed one one elevator. But once he pressed the button that's when the shenanigans began.

First, two women appeared out of nowhere and went up ahead of everyone to stand right by the doors. They clearly jumped the queue (well... flock) in the most inconsiderate way possible. They weren't even carrying anything, let alone pushing a stroller (as I was) or using a walker or cane. Yet somehow they felt they should get on first. Maybe they were VIPs or gods or something, or maybe they had a "Get on the Elevator First" pass-card.

Then the doors opened and people started to get off. This, however, conflicted with the goals of the two mothers I mentioned (they were travelling together), who had herded their strollers and children into a half-circle wall, thus closing all gaps and preventing anyone from exiting the elevator. I guess they were trying to get on, but simple common sense would tell you that you can't get on a full elevator if nobody gets off. Not only that, but their aggressive tactics didn't stop the two inconsiderate women from getting on first anyway.

So the elevator was crowded: the older couple, the two VIPs, and then the first mother and her children all got on, but there was no room for anyone else. Ok, no problem, we'll take the next one. Except the one mother who made it on the elevator didn't get off at her stop; she rode the elevator all the way to the bottom, then back to the top, so she could be reunited with her friend! This means that when the elevator finally arrived at my floor again there STILL wasn't room for me to get on, as the woman's friend got on and that left no room for me, my stroller, and my wife. I tried asking the woman why she didn't get off the elevator but she just stared blankly at me while the doors closed. Maybe she didn't even know.

People who think they're more important than everyone don't surprise me anymore (though I do hate them) but I am always amazed at how few people grasp the concept of "You can't get on without letting others get off first".

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