Spice Containers

Club House spice containers are not what you normally think about when you consider the usability of a product. They're quite basic: a little container with three openings: one for sprinkling, one for a spoon, and one to pour the spice. But the newer containers do have a major flaw in their usability: the name of the spice is no longer printed on the side of the package. This means your spice drawer or rack is full of indistinguishable orange boxes, and you have to look at each one individually, potentially going crazy trying to find the cloves. The old package was much smarter: the name of the spice was on the side of the package, making it easy to spot what you need. Such a simple thing, yet some graphics designer somewhere went ahead and ruined it for everyone.


Lauren said...

Where is the name on the bottle now? Do you think it would work with a SpiceStack?

Mr. Shiny and New said...

Laren Elizabeth:
The containers I'm talking about are the little sqaure (well, rectangular) containers. The name is now only on the front (wide) side. Imagine if your paperback novels had nothing written on the spine and you'll understand what I mean.

Unfortunately I'm not familiar with the SpiceStack so I don't know if they'd work ok there. But I do know that in my spice drawer they do not work.