Hans Reiser

Hans Reiser was a talented programmer working on Linux software (Reiser4, an innovative file-storage system that rivals Microsoft's WinFS). Now he's in prison, accused in the murder of his wife Nina, who disappeared. There are lots of strange things in this case:
  • Hans bought books about murder investigations, found in his car after Nina disappeared.
  • Blood was found in Hans's car and one car-seat was missing, which Hans has yet to explain.
  • His ex-friend, allegedly Nina's lover, confessed to killing 8 people (but not Nina) before becoming a Christian and leaving his evil ways behind.
  • Hans's children were removed from his custody and given over to Nina's mother, who has taken them to Russia and refuses to return.

Wired has an interview with Hans here. There is also a blog dedicated to freeing Reiser. I bet someone is already working on the Law and Order screenplay.

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