A ticket to ride

So there we were, on the island, gathering by the shore for the long ride back to the mainland. Something didn't seem right, but that didn't stop the animals and people from climbing right into the whale's mouth. Even the whale's mouth was strange: it didn't open forward, like a whale's mouth usually does, but sideways, like the doors on a DeLorean. The whale just sat there, patiently, while everyone piled in. I watched as the animals and people just climbed in, and tucked themselves into nice neat rows.

The ride to the mainland was estimated to take several days. I pondered this as more and more creatures climbed into the whale's gullet. I started to wonder how the animals and people would breathe. I didn't know if whales can breathe through their mouths like humans can. I suppose they might be able to. But still the situation seemed odd, and that's when I looked into the whale's eye, and understood his plan. Not content to ferry us to the mainland, then let us off, he was going to close his mouth and those inside would never be seen again.

"It's a trap!" I shouted as the impending treachery dawned on me. "Don't go in there, he's just going to eat you all!" Frantically I shouted and waved my arms to alert my fellow travellers before they too were swallowed by Jonah's Bane. Suddenly the whale's mouth slammed closed. The look of pure anger in his eyes will never leave me as he departed with only half his treasure.

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