Coca-Cola: Black Cherry and Vanilla

In case you were wondering what happened to your delicious* Vanilla Coke, it's been transformed into something new and marvelous. No longer content to add flavour to cola, which some would say is already cola-flavoured, the Coca-Cola company has reached a new pinnacle with Black Cherry and Vanilla Coca Cola. This is the summer drink that makes Cucumber Pepsi seem like a good idea.

When you first drink the Black Cherry and Vanilla concoction you will find your taste-buds numbed slightly by the fizzy bubbles, but then you will sense the vanilla-esque aromas fighting the cola wave in your mouth. However once you swallow this carbonated battle, you will be hit with the after-shock of artificial black cherry, a taste the majority of pharmacists and bloggers polled** said "tastes like cough syrup". Having downed the brown fluid, you are free to repeat the process until the bottle is empty, at which point you'll realize you drank 150 Calories of sugar and you never want to eat a cherry again.

* And by "delicious" I mean disgusting
** I polled one pharmacist, and one blogger

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