Petitioners demand more Potter

Harry's fans are at it again. Not content to get the seventh and final book, they have started a petition demanding that J.K. Rowling continue to write the adventures of the boy wizard. As a fan myself, I would like to raise my voice and say, "No!" Please let the story end when it ends. There are rumours that Harry will die. If he does, he must stay dead. Nothing makes a story lamer than when authors resurrect characters who are meant to remain dead. I fear, however, that Ms Rowling will take a lesson from George Lucas, and she will succumb to the desire to make more money, despite the damage done to the artistic integrity of her work. Feel free to re-use aspects of the Potter universe, Ms Rowling, if you aren't brave enough to create a new setting, but please don't bring back all the same old characters again.

We've endured irritating house-elves, blast-ended skrewts, rules of magic changing under our noses, movies that get more rushed and confusing with every instalment, and, worst of all, an interminable wait between books, please do what's right for the story and put it to rest when its time comes.

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