Shrek and McDonalds: evil unmasked

This letter to the editor of an Australian paper, says it all:
As a parent and school teacher, I appeal to companies like McDonald's to stop using Shrek in their promotions.
Shrek is an unappealing character, teaches unfaithfulness, immorality, has low, coarse crude humour, promotes homosexuality, cross dressing and divination (super-natural means).
By allowing these influences, McDonald's is numbing the hearts and minds of children.---Judith Bond, Glen Alpine, NSW
First, I'd have to say that children DO find Shrek appealing.... maybe this teacher isn't in the target audience for the movie? Shrek's definitely crude: he's an ogre for crying out loud. That's the whole point, and the movie definitely contains fart jokes. But fart jokes are not a new danger to children, and there is more to Shrek than stinky bubbles in the swamp. Shrek tells a story of love despite appearances and fighting even when the fight seems lost. Ms Bond just doesn't get it. It's too bad that teachers aren't taking the time to watch children's movies so that they can form intelligent opinions about them before writing angry letters, however since this teacher doesn't seem to understand that children can tell the difference between fiction and reality, the only thing that surprises me is how such a person gets to be a teacher in the first place. Must be a shortage, I guess.

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